No PEANUTS Granola Bars

We made the recipe for granola bars.  We used to purchase  Trader Joe’s granola bars, that Bean could have, but when we checked the box the next time we were going to purchase them, they are now have a warning they may contain peanuts.  You can see the recipe here.  These are so yummy, and we all LOVE them!  They are so yummy!  Enjoy!  Just a note, we use extra thick rolled oats by Bob’s Red Mill.  Not sure if this will make a difference or not.


About Annie

I have a daughter with a severe peanut allergy. She was diagnosed when she was 2. She is 11 now. I have lived the battles of having a child with food allergies, and feel education and awareness makes all the difference.

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  1. Heather McHale

    We make that recipe too! I do sub a few things (like whole wheat flour and coconut oil). It is really good with chocolate chips. It is basically the same, called ‘Playgroup Granola’ on allrecipes. My neighbor introduced it to me and it is gone the next day!

  2. Love the recipe, but doesn’t Bob’s carry a tree nut warning?

  3. I just checked the package and it IS made in the same facility as tree nuts.

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