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Egg Cracking Game

Happy Easter everyone!  We have a little Easter game that we love to play, and thought I would share it with you.  It’s just a fun way to crack eggs, instead of just cracking them and eating them.  This game is for 2 or more people, but the rule of the game is if your egg breaks you have to eat it.

Each person gets a hard-boiled egg and holds it in their hand with only the top and the bottom exposed.  Bean was the egg cracker, and Bubbles was the egg holder.  The egg cracker taps the bottom of their egg to the top of the egg holders egg.  See which one breaks.  Unfortunately, Beans egg broke.


The person whose egg does not break is now the egg cracker.  Bean flipped her egg over and then Bubbles got to tap Bean’s egg.


The other side of Bean’s also broke, so Bean got to eat her egg, and Bubbles got to remain the egg cracker.  I then became the egg holder.  Bubbles tapped my egg with hers, and mine broke too.  I flipped mine over, and she got to tap again, and broke the other side of mine too!  Egg of steel!  My hubs didn’t want to play, so I grabbed another egg.  Bubbles tapped the top of the new egg, and hers finally broke.  We could have continued, but I really didn’t want to eat another egg.  Since Bubble’s egg cracked, she got to eat her egg, and we put the unbroken champion egg back in the carton for our next egg cracking game.

HAPPY EASTER!!  Hope your day is a nice day spent with family, and is allergen free!


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