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I didn’t teach her that…

I have two girls, and people have always told me that the younger child learns from the older child. I know that is true, because I have seen Bean trying to teach Bubbles the things she is learning in 2nd grade, and getting frustrated, because she is in preschool and just not getting it. I have to remind her, a LOT, that she was little once too, and didn’t know any of these things, but had to learn them as she got older.

Recently, we were at a local event and ran into a friend from Bubble’s preschool. He was eating cotton candy, and asked if she wanted some. She immediately looked at the other mom & said, “I am lactose intolerant.” I have never taught her to tell people. And she can have milk every now and then, and it does not affect her. I found it amazing how she just picked up on it, and did it herself, without having to be told. I am sure it is from hearing me constantly tell Bean to ask if it’s safe, because she has a peanut allergy. Although, I was a little taken back by her telling them that, I was also proud that she took it upon herself to make sure the cotton candy was safe. The other mom told her that the cotton candy did not have any milk in it, and it was safe for her to have. Most children would have just dug right into the cotton candy bag. I guess having an allergic sister has made an impact on her also, and she has learned to be cautious with food also.

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