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Review: Hope Paige Medical ID Marketplace

I am a firm believer that Medical Bracelets are necessary for any child with a life threatening food allergy.  Any allergy doctor will tell you that, and there are so many benefits to having one.  I honestly cannot think of a reason for a severely allergic child not to wear one.  It is one of the only ways for people, medical or not, to be alerted to Bean’s severe peanut allergy in case she cannot speak.  If, God forbid, Bean accidentally ingested something with peanuts, and had a severe reaction due to her asthma, and could not speak, she can always point to her bracelet to alert people of what is going on.

Bean will be eight years old in July, and is in second grade.  She is my little fashionista.  She worries about her clothes, matching outfits, wearing matching shoes, and trying to accessorize her outfits.  More and more she has been asking if she HAS to wear her allergy bracelet.  The type she has been wearing, since she was 18 months old, is a plain stainless steel one.  As a toddler and preschooler, she loved her medical alert bracelet.  It was shiny and she felt important and special wearing it.  As she is getting older though, she tells me it’s ugly, doesn’t match with her outfit, or it’s boring, and she doesn’t want to wear it.  I find myself constantly telling her that she MUST wear her bracelet.  It is a medical bracelet, and it’s not meant to be fashionable or pretty.  It is there for a specific reason, not as an accessory!

Then Hope Paige Medical ID Marketplace came along!  They sent Bean a Pink Aluminum Design Bracelet to try out.  Pink is Bean’s favorite color!  When she first saw it, she was thrilled that it was pink, and told me she “LOVED IT!!”  She asked right away to put it on.  She has not complained about wearing it, and has been wearing pink every day to match it.  I asked her what she likes about it, and she said, “I love the cool design on the chain.  It looks like a pretty bracelet, not just a medical bracelet.”

Aluminum Design Bracelet - Pink - 6 1/2 - Medical ID

When it arrived, the first thing I thought was that the container it came in was a great idea!  It is a great place to keep her bracelet if she does have to take it off.  Currently, her old bracelet is being stored in it, while she wears her new bracelet. I like that it has the Hope Paige label on the top and it is easily identifiable as a place to hold her bracelet.  No throwing it on her dresser, on a counter, etc.  She knows to put it in the container, if she does take it off, which is rare, and it has a secure lid, so it won’t get lost.


The clasp is a lobster claw, and I had some reservations about it getting caught on clothes, or accidentally opening, however so far, it has not opened up or gotten caught on anything. I am happily surprised.  Bean went to gymnastics practice, and she is not allowed to wear her medical bracelet there, and it was so simple to get the clasp open and take off the bracelet, and put it back on when practice was done.  I have told her repeatedly that although it is easy to get off, she needs to keep it on and wear it all the time.  Her response was, “I know Mom.  I don’t want to take it off. It’s pretty!”

The outside plate is not engraved, and just has the medical alert symbol, however the backside that sits against her wrist is engraved, and has 3 lines, with up to 22 characters per line.  When looking online, the site does not specify which side of the bracelet would be engraved.  I assumed it would be the front, where everyone could see.  However, when it arrived, the underside that sits against her wrist was engraved.  My husband pointed out, if the front were engraved it would get all scratched up and might be difficult to read, while the underside against her wrist will not.

The backside says:

Severe Peanut Allergy

& Asthma, Use Epipen,
Inhaler, & Call 911


The most important thing to me is that she is safe, and that she wears her medical alert bracelet.  Since she loves this one, I don’t have to argue or discuss why she needs to keep it on.  She wants to wear it all the time, rather than she has to wear it, and that gives me peace of mind that she will keep it on.

Hope Paige Medical ID Marketplace offers several options for children, teens, and adults.  They even have a design a bracelet options to make your own fashionable medical ID.  They also offer Text ID which is a neat idea too!  Looking for a discount?  Here ya go!

Disclaimer: My daughter was provided a medical alert bracelet, in exchange for our honest opinions of their products. I was not financially compensated in any way.  All opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way.

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