Review: HomeFree Cookies – The SAFE Cookie!


What child doesn’t love cookies and goodies? Heck, I love cookies and goodies too. However, when you or your child has dietary restrictions, it can be difficult to find a safe snack. HomeFree has solved this problem! They have several varieties of cookies – all nut free! They also have gluten free and non-gluten free cookies too! They have something for everyone! We were sent some samples of their mini chocolate chip, vanilla, and mini double chocolate chip cookies to try. They were all mini cookies which meant they were bite size. They are a great treat that are SAFE! I mean REALLY safe! Their cookies are peanut free, tree nut free, egg free, dairy free, wheat free, certified gluten free (for gluten free varieties), Certified Kosher Pareve, all natural, NO GMO’s, Vegetarian, low sodium, no trans fat, no cholesterol, AND 100% whole grain! What more could you ask for?? OK, so there is one more thing you could ask for… a good tasting cookie! Any product can be safe, but all the safety in the world doesn’t count if it tastes like cardboard. These cookies are delicious too! We honestly couldn’t pick a favorite, since they were all so good. I love chocolate, so I preferred the double chocolate chip cookies myself. Sound like the whole package? They are! A yummy, safe, good for you cookie!

BUT WAIT… there’s more! There really is more that makes this company and cookie one of the best out there. A lot of times, people don’t understand the severity of a product being made on the same equipment or being made in the same facility with allergens, especially peanuts. I was beyond impressed with HomeFree’s safety practices, and how all of their products are prepared with allergy safety in mind!  Their appliances are new, so they are safe from previous allergens, all deliveries are wiped down in a separate receiving area before entering their kitchen, and their staff wear HomeFree clothing and shoes, to avoid carrying in allergen traces! No allergens such as peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, wheat or dairy, soy (except lecithin), fish, shell fish, or sesame are permitted in their facility for any reason at any time – including employee lunches! They also require allergen documentation from every ingredient supplier, AND if that wasn’t enough to convince you they are the ultimate safe cookie, they also conduct their own allergen testing for peanuts, almonds, eggs, and milk proteins, and frequently test for gluten!

Knowing all this reassures me that these products are safe, and they are safe to serve my family along with friends who have children with allergies and gluten restrictions. I am thrilled that someone out there understand how dangerous food allergies can be, and truly takes thing very seriously, like every parent does their own children. This company has taken the work and the worry out of it. They have us and our children’s best interest at heart!

Can’t decide which one you want to try? Why not try their sampler pack  or a gluten free sampler pack and decide for yourself!  Unfortunately, my girls grabbed the bag of chocolate chip cookies to try, before I could get a picture.


Disclaimer: I was provided with sample bags of cookies in return for my honest opinion of them.  I was not compensated in any way.  All opinions of the product are my own and were not influenced in any way.

About Annie

I have a daughter with a severe peanut allergy. She was diagnosed when she was 2. She is 11 now. I have lived the battles of having a child with food allergies, and feel education and awareness makes all the difference.

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