Sacrifices We Make

I do my best writing at night. At least I think so anyway. I have always been a night owl. I seem to get more creative at night, working on my girls scrapbooks or playing online. Maybe it’s not more creative, maybe it’s just loopy, but either way I would rather stay up all night and sleep late in the morning.

In order to be home more with my girls, I work two part-time jobs, rather than one full-time job. It was a choice I made so that I can be home during the day time.  I work two days a week doing accounting for a medical supply company – I have been doing accounting since college. I won’t tell you how old I am, but I can say I have been doing accounting for a very long time. :-0 I also work 3 nights overnight at a store that is a 5 minute drive from my house. I made the decision to work overnight so that I was home during the day with my youngest who is still just in preschool. I can attend field trips and “special days”, or be home to care for them when they are sick.  Except for the two days that I work in the office, I am home when my children are home.  We can make cupcakes, play dolls, color, run errands, and sing at the top of our lungs.  Also, one of my favorite things to do is put my girls to bed and give them sweet dreams.  It is that quiet cuddle time to talk a little more, and give them extra special hugs and kisses.  Some people think it’s crazy to work overnight. OK lots of people think it’s crazy and wonder why on earth I would make this choice.  Have I completely lost my mind?  Possibly.  However, for me, it just works.

I have decided that the time I spend with my girls is more important than anything else right now, so I might be sacrificing a little sleep, but I am gaining a whole lot of time with my girls.   My youngest will be in school full-time in the fall, and I won’t have those lazy afternoons of making cookies together, playing dress up, reading books, or just cuddling on the couch while watching TV.  Before the hustle and bustle of life begins, and school takes over the majority of every weekday, I will work my few overnights and enjoy my time with my children as much as possible.  They will only be young once, and I want to be there for as much of it as I can.



About Annie

I have a daughter with a severe peanut allergy. She was diagnosed when she was 2. She is 11 now. I have lived the battles of having a child with food allergies, and feel education and awareness makes all the difference.

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