The BEST Printable Allergy Action Plan


For those of you who have or who have a child with an anaphylactic food allergies, or know someone who does, this is the most comprehensive form I have found out there.  It is from FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education).  I prefer this over the one my allergist gave my daughter, and others I have seen on the web.  I keep one of these with every Epipen my daughter has – my purse, her backpack, school nurse, and our take along bag.  It also has a spot to acknowledge if the allergic person has asthma or not (which would make their airway reaction much worse) AND what to do in case they do!  Most forms I have found do not cover this.

If you must carry an Epipen, then be sure to have one of these forms in there with it!

You can see the form by clicking here or going to


About Annie

I have a daughter with a severe peanut allergy. She was diagnosed when she was 2. She is 11 now. I have lived the battles of having a child with food allergies, and feel education and awareness makes all the difference.

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  1. Does she have a medic alert bracelet?

  2. Yes, she does have a medic alert bracelet. However, I love this form, because it describes in detail the symptoms and how exactly to treat them.

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